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Bionic Ears: One Year Later…

“Tell me…. one year later…. how are your implants doing?”

It was a question that inspired the following…Thanks Dianne 🙂

My Activation Day


To Whom It May Concern,

Silence, it wasn’t something I understood until I woke up from surgery and my ability to hear was gone in my right ear. Yes, I thought my hearing was bad before, but I had something! Then, A-Day (Activation Day) came, and I was armed to the teeth with every fancy thing I would need to make my ear bring my ear back Frankenstein-style. I was about the to become the $96,000 woman!

There wasn’t a big “YouTube” moment in the Audiologists office aside of a feeling of immense relief. It was something to the effect of “Thank God this thing is working again!” No, I’ve had to two to date:

1) When I heard my two younger Nephews say my name. I heard my oldest nephews first cries, but I could hear them talk.

2) Standing on a dock in Stuart, Florida listening to the waves of the St. Lucie River crash.

I didn’t realize exactly what I had lost until those moments came. In the movie “The Family that Preys”, Kathy Bates’ character asks “Are we living, or are we existing?”. It felt like a piece of me was existing, and now a piece of me was alive. One year later, my ears are still building back up, but it is a journey that I love so much. It’s been so beautiful, I can honestly say…I loved it all. It was worth it.

Today is a new journey,




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