Color Miracle or Color Pipedream: From light to dark, what are you asking of your stylist?

Good (Obscenely Early) Morning!


This post is inspired by the above piece that I saw on FaceBook. Aside from having me in stitches, it was always also glaringly accurate, and I couldn’t help but throw in my two cents!

It happens every day in salons all over the world, from the freshly licensed to the most seasoned of veterans, every stylist has either had or seen that client ask for that color service.

Sure, starts out innocently enough: a warm welcome and pleasant chit-chat the two make their way to the chair and begin the consultation. Then, without warning, it happens! Like a punch to the solar-plexus, the box-derived Chocolate Brunette wants to return her waist length locks to her natural Platinum Blonde. The clients expectations are as follows (and by no means negotiable):

  • Her price range is going to remain within range of $100-$150, maximum.
  • Her hair will be returned to her natural color, that day. No brass or copper tones.

While not always the case, the above scenario with potential for tip-toeing through a professional minefield of epic proportions with the following conversation more than certain to follow:

Client: “Why can’t it be done?”/”Are your sure it can’t be done?”/Any variation of this question.

Stylist: Sure, it can be done:

  • “but not at risk of your hair”
  • “but not ethically”
  • “but not by me!”
  • “but…hold on, you’re joking right?…Right?!”
  • “but why don’t we save us both some time and I’ll just get my clippers now, would you like a buzzcut, or just plain bald?”


That’s not to say hair miracles don’t exist or even happen every day through:

  • Some seriously talented stylists
  • Kick-ass add-ons to repair and protect hair like Olaplex and Neobonds
  • Incredible brands with insane capabilities like Schwarzkopf’s decolorizer!

The difference is, every one of the above has only a certain amount of power and realistic capabilities. Our Client and many others often mistake a stylist’s unwillingness to compromise a client’s hair as greed or a lack of skill rather than genuine care for their client’s best interest and acting in an ethical manner.

Well…Here is the cold, hard truth.

Sure, you might have a friend that “went to beauty school and does it all the time”, but we’re licensed and they’re not. You’re in our chair, not theirs. Even the most attainable of hair Miracles aren’t cheap, because each and every one of us no matter how inexperienced (and possibly a few other people behind the scenes) are busting our asses to give you what you asked for. Sometimes that means multiple visits, I would apologize, but I would have to be sorry first.

In this case….

Box Color:


Is something every one of us has dabbled with before we knew how harsh it was on our hair. Seriously, it’s ****ing brutal and full of cheap metals and other materials to make it more affordable to the general public. It has to be handled properly with a clarifying treatment or that Platinum hair is going to come out anywhere from “Blorange” to Slime green!

“Lightening” Your Hair:


Taking your hair from light to dark is all about Developer (the stuff that activates the lightener…basically the bleach). When it comes to hair, every shade has a number 1 (darkest) and 10 (lightest). The strongest developer (40 Volume) will typically only lift hair 3-4 shades. Simply, if you are a 1 (Black) and you want to become a Platinum Blonde (10), you are going to leave the salon that first round  at least a 4 (and so on and so forth). Even add-ons like Olaplex that will give your hair more love than Julia Roberts gave Richard Gere in “Pretty Woman”, or the badassery that is Schwarzkopf Lightener can’t take away the fact that your hair is going to be copper before it is Platinum. That’s not greed or lack of skill, that’s Chemistry.

Today is a new journey,


Bionic Cosmetologist


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